Beter you hurt me

28 Oct
Hey you and I are no longer here on the same route
now, on the different roads sometime less taken more,
the way you choose was more better for you 
but, sorry I can’t be there with you and for you,
there’s no way for you & no way for me to get it
and not anyone wants us to get together here.(beautiful)
But, the day willl come and it has to come 
Because the world is bounded and the earth is sphere(connected),
it comes back later , the place it lefts
(like the birds at the end of the day come back to there home).
The morning sunshine is not so bright like it was
like it was always when we were together at that sight.
This time no one has excuses, no one has problems and 
no one will be doubted about what and
whatever you were now or then, but, the time has changed.
And i have full faith in you, that one day somewhere
we will walk together with hands in hands on the same way,
The way we always want to go on, the path
from where we were always pushed back and stopped.A few lines that pushed me towards my goals,just putting in front of you in below lines.

Sometimes, somewhere, somehow,somethings comes in front of you ,
which is just the opposite that you always wanted.
but sometimes it inspires you to show them that you are above all ODDS and fantastic.- Saurav

NOW. The twilight has ended and sun is about to shine

The day we want has come , with the never seen brightness of the sun
after a long period of time , there will be a brighter and lovely sunshine.
Oh come on baby the it is the time when 
the love will rise high and the clouds (traitors) will be shy.

Rain has started and love will be reprised and
the peacocks who are dancing, will witness our love. 
nothing to do lets end it up whether you are or not.
The love will rise.

you are not important for me,now

31 Jan
I dosen”t know the importance of a person in my life,..,,.,.,.,,.,.,.,
when she was with me on the life”s path.,.,.,.,.,.,
I realize her importance when .,.,.,/’;.,/.,
she was not with me in my life .,..,..,
today, I realize her importance in my life…………
But, it was not…….
I love her very much……..,,.,.,..,
but,the lines up are wrong ,..,.,,.,..,.,.
But, she dosen”t recognize my love for her ,..,.,.,.,.,.
she play”s with me.,.,.,.,.
as her toy on the different parts of life,.,,.,.,.,.,
he was no long with me from today.,,..,.,.,.,.
as she want to play with any other guy.,.,.,.,.,.
she will be always in front of me ,.,.,.,,.,.,,.,
but I think that I should not say any thing to him,,.,.,..
which can hurt my feelings,..,,.,
I would try to live without her  in my life..,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.
It”s not easy but I do it.,,.,.,.,
praying to god that she will never come in my life again..,.,,.,,.
As she will only hurt me.,.,..,.,.
And that time I can”t deal with that…………………..

The shake of “wow”&”how”

31 Jan

The life gives many things which are appropriate to life or not, it’s not in our hands. we are in front of it to just face it. But a force splended on us force to stop ,but we have to go on with this life, It helps to learn many things which  later become precious to us .Some disaster ruin the whole soul of the person but for someone you have to go on.




A bird looks wow 

when she flies in the sky how,

A caterpillar looks wow

when it turns into a fly how.

A baby starts crawling

and mother says wow,

when a person suddenly dies

the relatives says how.

The link is still unknown

But people are on,

The time goes on and amach 

And people says “wow”&”how”.

It never ends and goes on  

without knowing the end of this storm.

People usually ask you know this how

I replied well how but it is  known.

And the verse part coming

People after that began chanting-chanting,

About what they don’t even know.